Graphic Designer: A Creative Professionalism

     A Graphic Designer is the one who designs graphics. It is a profession wherein one has to work with the graphic designs and assemble together various different images, typography, or any other sort of graphic may it be motion graphics, animation graphics, publication graphics, packaging graphics, computer graphics to create a piece of any graphical design. A graphical designer develops the graphics for any printed, published or electronic media such as brochures, banners or any sort of advertising. The Graphic Designer sometimes is also responsible for typesetting, typecasting, illustration, user interfacing and for web designing.


What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is defined as the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas, imagination and experiences with visual, graphical and textual content. In simper words, Graphic Design is nothing but pouring out one’s imaginative, ideological and experienced thoughts in the form of some sort of visual or text. It in a way is a way of presenting certain messages or ideas in a visual form. These visuals can range from a simpler logo designing to very complex page layouts of any web page. It helps the producer to connect with the costumers by conveying the message of any event, project, campaign, or any other product that the producer may be concerned with.


Graphic Design makes ideas take visual, textual or graphical forms and then implements these forms into multiple types of media. Companies then use these graphic designs to promote the sales of their products through advertising either by websites in electronic form or by published and print media. They help to convey complicated information in an easy-to-understand way through infographics, or by businesses to develop an identity through branding of those things.


Who is a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer is a profession wherein graphics are primarily created for featuring them on the electronic, printed or published media. This profession is a part of the graphic design and graphic arts industry and is responsible for performing tasks that include assembling various images, typography and related graphical stuff into a single piece of design. This single piece of design is a combination of several parts and is made to look like a single design with the help of design and is therefore termed as a piece of graphical design.


What work does a Graphic Designer do?

A Graphic Designer creates visual concepts that are meant to impart information through photos, textual matter, images, and graphical art. The main responsibility of a Graphic Designer is to create an engaging design or stuff such as posters, billboards, packaging logos, bus wraps, marketing materials and so on depending on the needs of the industry that they are working with. For instance, Graphic Designers work in a sector dealing with magazines, advertising, marketing agencies and many more. Their work also includes selecting photos and typefaces, editing photos, laying out copy, choosing fonts for title treatments for various magazines, and developing layouts for advertisements, annual reports, magazines, banners, brochures, or any project that they may be working on. So, in short, Graphic Designer does a variety of things depending on the industry that he may be involved with.


What Skills does a Graphic Designer need to possess?

The Graphic design work may seem a simpler job to many but is not as simple as it pretends to be. It is a way vague job that only people with good imaginative thinking can handle. The Graphic Designer need to have the ability which they design an eye-catching design that can easily be understood and does not involve much brainstorming to be done.  They also need to have an experience with typography, colour theory, and web designing. In the field of graphic designing flexibility to plays an important role if the client’s ideas are not matching with the Graphic Designer’s, they need to make certain changes and adjustments with which the client can be satisfied. Also, mastery in the design software like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is also required in today’s technological world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of becoming a Graphic Designer

All jobs in the market come with their own set of pros and cons. What may be a best job for one can turn out to be the worst job for the other, so it all depends on one’s own way of handling that particular job position. When coming to Graphic design, just like other jobs it has some advantages and disadvantages listed in its name. If a person is creative and is good in designing creative visual concepts which are in themselves inspiring, informing and captivating, then the Graphic Designer job role is perfectly meant for them. But still there are few more points that one needs to have a focus on before choosing Graphic Design as a career option.

The benefits of becoming a Graphic Designer are: –

1)    Both Creative and Analytical Thinking is required. So as a Graphic Designer one doesn’t only needs to come up with creative ways to shape any designs but also needs to put logical thinking to test by making use of software like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Similarly, there are many ways in which a Graphic Designer gets to use both his Creative as well as Analytical Thinking.

2)    Get to work as a freelancer or even from home. As a Graphic Designer, the individual is not restricted to work in the off ice and gets to enjoy the freedom of working from any part of the world.

3)    The work of Graphic Designer draws audience towards their work. They get to enjoy appreciation from people for their eye-catching and impactful graphical designs.

4)    You get to enjoy flexibility in your work as the work of Graphic Designer varies with industry so a person based on their areas of interest can choose the industry that they wish to work with.


With pros come cons. And so is the case with the job role of Graphic Designer. This job has got some drawbacks which are listed below: –

1)    The design that may seem most beautiful and attractive to the Designer may not necessarily seem the same way to the client. So, in this field, the design ideas as per the client’s vision need to be changed which makes this job role a subjective job role and not own’s choice job.

2)    It may happen that the client may suggest some edits and that may not match the boundary layout of the originally prepared design. So, the Designer needs to edit and then again do several re-edits. So, in a way it wastes lot of time and energy.

3)    This job is not as easy as it looks to be. For the viewers the designing of the content may seem to be a very easy task, but in reality, it turns out to be a way complicated task and needs a very high level of accuracy and precision.


So, at the end of the day Graphic Design may seem to be a complex job but for those with a great level of creative and analytical thinking it’s a first-choice option to choose as a career. To get more insights about the Graphic Design field and the Graphic Designer job role, do log into the DockLearn website.

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