Full Stack Web Developer: The Combined Development

Full Stack Development is the combined development of both Frontend and Backend portion of the web application. While Frontend Developers deal with only the client side of any web application and Backend Developers deal with only server side of any web application, Full Stack Developers have the ability to design complete web application and websites. They are capable enough of designing both the client side and server-side portions of any ...

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Frontend Development vs Backend Development: The Difference

Frontend Developers work on the client side of any web application. This part is the one which is visible to the users and is often referred to as the user interface side. Meanwhile Backend Developers work on the server side of that web application. All the activities that are carried out at the Backend part are not visible to the user but are only accessible to the programmer. Though both ...

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Backend Development: Behind The Application

Backend Development deals with the server-side development. Backend Development languages handle the functionality of web applications behind the scenes that is at the server side of the web application. Both Backend Development and Frontend Development works in coordination with each other to deliver the final output product that is visible to the end user. Backend Development made on any web application is never visible to the user but is accessible ...

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JavaScript: A Scripting Language

JavaScript is a lightweight, flexible, object-oriented programming language. It is a text-based programming language that can be used for programming both Frontend and Backend part of a website or any web application. It is an interpreted and just-in-time compiled programming language with first class functions that helps the programmer make the web page more appealing and attractive to the user. HTML and CSS are languages that gives structure and style ...

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Difference: Programmer and Coder

    Since we are a piece of the computerized time, you may have run over the two terms, coding and programming, utilized reciprocally. It is a typical idea that coders and programmers are almost the same things. Actually, there is such a lot of distinction between computer programming and coding according to the product improvement jargon. This blog depends on obviously clarifying the distinctions between coders versus programmers. For this, firstly ...

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Coding: Roadmap For Beginners

     Coding is basically a process used for creating software instructions for computers using various programming languages. With the help of computer coding even a beginner can program websites, apps and various other technologies that we interact with in our everyday life. In coding we use several languages to give a computer instruction based on which specific functions are performed by the programmed machines. There are various types of codes ...

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