Data Science

Data Analytics: A Modern Way of Analyzing Data

Data Analytics is the domain of science of analyzing the raw data so as to draw fruitful conclusions based on that information. It is a science that helps the individuals and companies make out sense of the raw data and then deliver insights and trends based on it. It is a vast process involving steps like inspecting the raw data, cleansing it, then transforming it, followed by modelling the raw ...

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Big Data: A Tool for Dealing with Massive Data

Big Data is a field of Science that is a combination of structured, semi-structured and unstructured volumes of large data collected by the organizations. It is a term applied to the way of analyzing huge amount of data which either may be too large or complex to deal with, systematically extracting information from it and then successfully drawing insights based on it. In Big Data, advanced analytical techniques are used ...

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Data Science: A Next Generation Science

Data Science is the field of study that manages vast volumes of data by making use of modern tools and techniques to derive meaningful information, find unseen patterns and make important business decisions. It is an important part of any industry today as in almost all the industries massive amounts of data are produced on daily basis. The popularity of this domain has increased manifold and companies all over the ...

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