An Operating System is a communication bridge between the users and the hardware components and resources which provides the users with a procedure to execute the program in a very efficient manner. The main tasks that are carried out by the Operating System usually include the allocation of resources and services and also includes the programs for managing, configuring and controlling these resources and services such as a scheduler, a traffic controller, memory management module, file system, I/O programs. An Operating System mainly controls the execution of the application programs and manages the link between the hardware and the user by working as an interface link between the two. The Operating System is a set of special programs that allows the computer to function properly.


There can be many types of operating System depending on the factors that are considered while making use of the software program. Some of the most popular operating systems include Windows Operating System, Linux Operating System, VMS, Ubuntu, AIX, z/OS, Solaris, Free BSD, CentOS, Debian, Deepin, OS/400, Apple macOS, Google’s Android OS, Apple’s IOS, Fedora, etc. All these operating systems are different in any way round but while taking in consideration the user experience and the efficiency, reliability and the user-friendly nature of the system, few operating systems are on the top and are discussed below. All these operating systems are popular in the market and the reason why they gained so much popularity is because of the service that they provide to their users.


What does User-Friendly Operating System exactly mean?

User-Friendly is a word that is applied pretty much to anything that the customers really enjoy using. It may be any product, service or any commodity that the user gets to experience and based on his/her experience rate it as a good, average or bad product. The product or service that satisfies the customer the most is termed as the most user-friendly product or service. In terms of Operating System, a user-friendly Operating system is the one which is capable of giving its customer utmost satisfaction. Microsoft Windows, Apple’s iOS, Apple’s Mac, Linux, Android are among the most user-friendly operating systems that are currently operational. If we take all of them into consideration then all of their users who use those products term the operating system that they use as the most user-friendly operating system. To discover more about which operating system is the best we have made a list of their advantages and disadvantages and based on that can conclude which operating system is the best.


Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows also referred to as Windows, Windows OS or Win is a graphic operating system that is developed by Microsoft Corporations to run personal computers. Windows now is a group of several Graphical User Interface operating system, all of which are developed by Microsoft Corporations.


Advantages of Microsoft Windows

        Software available

Many Windows applications are available in the market that it is likely that one may encounter its products in any business project that they may be working upon. The software available is equipped with a vast range of applications. This is one of the main reasons of why Microsoft is dominating the desktop operating systems and applications market.

        Ease of use

The Windows has been made a lot simple and provides the ease of use to the users. It may be due to the uniform look that the Windows interface provides and the feel of virtuality perhaps is the reason for its vast popularity. From the beginning of the Windows operating system, the file system and all has been implemented in a very proper manner.

        Backward Compatibility

The Windows is one such operating system that doesn’t let its customers compromise in terms of their work. All the programs that are functional in the older version of the Windows software are also functional in the newer versions of the Windows software. So, the users can work with any program and any applications in any version of the Windows.

        Plug and Play

For any average home user, as an operating system, Windows provides a plug and play support for the PC hardware. If proper drivers are installed, then Windows makes sure that it properly recognizes the new hardware every time. This operating system has got plug and play feature that can function without a manual control as well that too more frequently.


The gaming support that Windows provide is phenomenal. The Windows provides a variety of gaming options and also supports variety of gaming hardware. The Windows in itself is one of the most lucrative game supporting operating system.



Disadvantages of Microsoft Windows

·       Security Threats

Because of the massive popularity of Windows among desktop users across the globe, Windows has become an easy target for the developers of malware and other hackers. The in-built security system is incompetent to save its users from viruses and other malware. There is lot of incompetence and massive vulnerability to virus attacks. Installing an anti-virus is a must for Windows users nowadays. This is not the case with other operating systems.

·       Additional expenses

After setting up the Windows operating system in the desktop, users may still require to pay some cash to pay for some essential software or applications like the whole Microsoft Office Suite. Office Suite consists of Word, PowerPoint, Excel Sheet etc. Apart from that, users also have to purchase anti-virus software which is mandatory for those who use the internet regularly. So even after installing Windows, users need to empty their pockets a lot to spend on all these stuffs. This is not the case with Mac Operating System and Linux, where most of the applications which are essential are freely available.

·       Slow Performance

One of the worst disadvantages of Windows is its slow performance. Even minimal use of the device can make it somewhat slow for its users. Alongside this, the source code is not available for its general users. Because of this, the users are required to find and fix the bugs, which is not always correct. In the case of Apple macOS and Linux, the performance rarely goes down because of speed. This is because Apple and Linux give particular attention on integrating its software and hardware to make the speed better.


Mac Operating System

The Mac OS or Macintosh Operating System is an operating system that is designed by the Apple Inc. Mac OS over the years have evolved with a lot of iterations and various designs taking place. The Mac OS has shown a very tight integration with the iOS devices, then there is the incorporation of the cloud in the system taking place, even many exiting, helpful and excellent features were included in the system.


Advantages of Mac Operating System

        Free Useful Productivity Applications

Apple applications are generally pre-installed in the Mac devices and also an Apple’s App Store is made available from where any applications can be downloaded and installed into the Mac device. Most of the apps are free and offer productivity applications.

        Simple, faster and better User Interface

When compared to the Windows, the Mac offers a really simple, faster, better and user-friendly user interface. The user interface here is really straight forward for its user’s ease.

        Dedicated features for the multi-tasking work

Many dedicated multi-tasking features are made available that does provide an ease to all its users. They can multi-task and run multiple workspaces at a single time which in a way is similar to operating different systems simultaneously. It is designed in such a way that special icons are provided for switching between different applications or workspaces.

        Less vulnerable to security threats

All the operating systems are vulnerable to virus attacks from hackers around the world. As compared to other operating system, Mac has specialised security that is always active against all sorts of malwares and other security threats that the operating system faces.

        Easily compatible with other Apple devices

Mac operating system provides its users with an ease of seamless compatibility with all other Apple devices. Also, the interface of the Mac and the iOS is quite alike which makes it easy to use for the users. File synchronization and all the information in iCloud can easily be accessed using any of the Apple devices which makes it a lot more convenient in working.


Disadvantages of Mac Operating System

·       Limited availability of Applications

Although there are many applications of Apple available free of cost in the Apple store, the number is still considerably less as compared to Windows. In Windows, you can get almost any software free of charge. Windows devices are far more accessible than Mac Devices. And this is one of the primary reasons why the developers of different Software tend to develop software keeping in mind the Windows operating system. Windows can provide you with a far larger share of the market than as compared to the Apple operating systems.

·       Upgrading or replacing hardware is not easy

Mac operating system powered devices have limited options available to improve the hardware just like CPU or RAM of a MacBook cannot be easily replaced. This is because the hardware is deeply integrated into the entire system. This is not the case with Windows. Hence Windows provides a better level of upgrades and customization.

·       Expensive

Windows is far cheaper than Apple devices. The devices released by Apple are costly as compared to methods of any other company with similar or better specification. And it is also that the Mac operating system can only run in Apple devices and the operating system is costly on its own too.

·       Lack of options for hardcore gamers

Mac operating system has limited number of varieties in games, and limited options to upgrade or customization any hardware to play. Although, top quality Mac operating system devices does have hardware capable of running heavy games, the variety of heavy games available in the Apple store is limited. This is one of the reasons why Mac operating system keeps hardcore gamers and game developers away from itself.


Linux Operating System

Linux is an open-source, multi-tasking operating system. It is a Unix-like operating system that directly manages the computer system’s hardware and resources which may include CPU, storage, memory and much more. Every Linux-based operating system is based on the Linux kernel which is responsible for managing the hardware resources and components and also to manage a set of software packages that makes up the other parts of the Linux operating system.


Advantages of Linux operating system

        Highly Secure

Linux is a highly secure software that doesn’t let anyone indulge in its user privacy. Linux is very less attacked by the virus due to the fact that this operating system has got very less significant share in the market. Linux generally restricts root access. Also, Linux user does require permissions to access, open or adjust any files, folders, applications or kernel options due to which the spread of malware is very limited.

        Free and Open-Source

Linux is an open-source and free operating system due to which the users can easily choose and install any applications from the Software manager and also the users can use, share and distribute it, the way they want.

        Stable in use

Linux distributions are pretty stable and even though some bugs are witnessed every now and then, they are eliminated with constant updates available. Linux version before releasing in the market is tested several times for the bugs and is ensured that the operating system is even more stable than the previous version.

        Easy to use

If the user is familiar with the basics, then the Linux operating system is one of the easiest operating system to use. Linux has very simple and easy to use desktop environments as compared to its counterparts and a system that can easily download any software with an ease.

        Great Performance

Linux operating system are really low on resources. The use of resources by Linux is very efficient and this being the reason for its easy running on the low specification hardware. It provides very high performance on a very steep hardware.

        Freedom over the System

Linux distributions gives its users absolute freedom over their system. They are free to do whatever they want, customize however they want, tweak as much as they wish; there are no restrictions. The users can even change your whole desktop environment.

        Proper Utilization of System Resources

The user need not have much space on the system to run Linux. Linux can manage itself even when there is almost no space left on the system. This is probably the best advantage of Linux. Linux uses very little space and can function smoothly on that. Linux distributions function smoothly on even the oldest hardware and the lowest RAM.


The right to Privacy with Linux is available to all its users. The user also get access to lots of open-source applications that, in contrast to premium applications in Windows, do not steal the data.

        Better Software Updates

Linux beats every operating system in terms of software and system updates. New and more stable updates are released once in a while, and this software are very easy to upgrade to. Linux updates are short in download size and take under a minute to install with no reboot required. Linux updates are also very stable and ideally tested before publication.


Disadvantages of Linux Operating System

·       No standard edition

Instead of one single edition Linux has several community-developed editions called Distro or distributions. This often confuses the beginner level programmers. Choosing a standard Linux operating system for use is quite difficult for beginners. No standard edition means that the community is divided. Every Linux operating system has its own separate package manager, for which each software has to be packed differently. This makes publishing software for Linux a tedious task.

·       Hard Learning Curve

For Windows users and users with less technical experience, learning Linux is hard. You need to know how to handle the Terminal. It is very similar to the command prompt in Windows. The learning curve of every Linux distribution is different.

·       Limited Market Share


Limited Market Share is the biggest problem Linux is facing currently. Due to its small market share, popular Windows and Mac operating system applications are not ported to Linux by developers.

·       Difficult to Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting in Linux might be complex if the user isn’t an expert. It is also hard to find someone to help with the Linux problems. Every user faces different issues, and an answer to that might not be available on the web. Issues are caused due to different hardware and software, and the user will have to find a cure for the problem himself. Most of the Linux software are open source and developed by various community users. You get no warranty, and the software might or might not work on your system.

·       Poor Support for Games

Technology like Steam Proton, Wine, and Lutris make gaming on Linux possible. However, they are still not native to Linux and do not run as smoothly as they would run on the platform they are made for.

·       Unsupported hardware

This is one more significant issue with Linux distributions. There is no proper concept of Drivers in Linux like other operating systems. Instead, all drivers are built in the Linux kernel itself. But the Kernel cannot have drivers for every Hardware. This raises a compatibility issue with some hardware devices.

·       Lack of Technical Support

Technical support for the system is always required by the users. However, unlike Windows and Mac, there are no local stores or on-demand support services that one can make use of to solve your problem.

·       No Unified Installer / Package Manager

Unlike Windows, which has only exe files, every Linux distribution has its own Package manager, making it difficult for developers to build and deploy Linux applications.


If we take all the operating systems into consideration, then different operating systems have got different advantages and disadvantages. And also, the users using the operating system, feel their operating system is far more user-friendly as compared to other operating systems. So, all the operating systems listed above at their place are best and make many efforts to provide their user base with the best of their services. They all are way capable and can easily convenience their customers when it comes to the user-friendly approach. So, in all, all the operating system listed above are best and are amongst the most user-friendly operating systems available in the world at present. To earn more about all these operating systems, do log into the DockLearn website.


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